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Modern design made of stainless steel. The design floor lamp Pharus is a handcrafted indoor lamp, which stands out due to top quality materials, the design, and especially the beautiful color reflections. The lamp throws various flares, depending on the brightness requirements, which is reflected through the unique designed inner surfaces. Each lamp is unique and is manufactured from stainless steel pipes with laser cut openings. Various lamp sizes can be chosen from. The surface can either have a high gloss or matt finish. The manually crafted inner surfaces are similar to a painting and can only be influenced in a limited fashion. You may choose the color and orient yourself on the paradigms in order to find your favorite design. I am explicitly advising of the fact that this selection only forms reference points. An acquisition of the sample objects is not possible due to the individuality of the manufactured products!

Pharus is a fascinating light object, available in various sizes and colors.

P H A R U S – Basic Line

P H A R U S – Special Line