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“Experimenting with various (handcrafted) materials which always produce new light reflections within puristic stainless steel frames, is one of my passions. Uniqueness paired with top quality workmanship reflects the high standards of my work. Light considerably affects the atmosphere of a room. It can stimulate warmth and comfort or chill and sterility. In order to enhance a comfortable ambiance, lights are a perfect way to convey a feeling of well-being and relaxation. It is exactly this feeling I am pursuing by manufacturing individual lamps in a modern design with great light effects.”

Marc Henning Schäfer


“Creativity and fundamental craftmanship form the basis of my work and create the conditions necessary for high quality and a unique product.“

„Modern design out of the finest stainless steel meets light beams, which are reflected through a one-of-a-kind inner surface.“

P H A R U S. More than a product.

P H A R U S. More than a product.